Look at the household

Cara Louwman Photography


- L O O K A T T H E H O U S E H O L D -


The household is subject in art for centuries. Think of the paintings about a dissolute household by Jan Steen (1625-1679) that eventually led to the Dutch saying 'Jan Steen Household'. Also the Milkmaid (1658) by Vermeer and Van Gogh's Potato eaters (1885) have the household as topic. Not to mention the still lifes from the Golden Age. Later, household is subject of hyperrealism art, a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. Hyperrealists create a false reality, a convincing illusion based on a simulation of reality.

Most household activities will be conducted by all of us every day. By photographing it in a different way (right from top), you need a bit longer to look at the photograph to realize what you actually see. The images work somewhat alienating.

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