- M O O D -

'I see moods as images'. In my mind, my own moods are often represented by places or buildings where I've been. I have visualized this way of thinking through a series of photo collages.

A mood is the feeling that someone has for a certain period of time and which consists of a single emotion or a combination of emotions. The complexity of moods in the photo collages are expressed through the use of multiple layers of photographs, which were shot by me in different parts of the world. The collages represent  themes such as animated desolation, rootedness, serenity and (in)vulnerability.

In the photo collages, the complexity (and simplicity) of moods present themselves. I want to leave it to the feelings of the viewers what mood they see in a particular photo collage.

These   fine-art photo collages have won multiple awards at PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris (2nd place) and IPA International Photography Award (Honorable Mention).