Look at the household

- L O O K  A T  T H E  H O U S E H O L D -

The household is subject in art for centuries. This series makes you aware of the household activities you perform mostly every day. For example packing and unpacking the dishwasher. It shows an orderly household, which looks pleasant and gives you a clear feeling.

The top-down camera orientation appears clinical, classic and cool, somewhat devoid of emotions. But a household should also be not too perfect: e.g. the fridge is not completely clean, soap has been spilled. Little imperfections in the arrangements make the photographs more human.

Two photographs (dishwasher and bucket with soap)  were  part of the exhibition 'ZomerExpo'  in Museum de Fundatie (Zwolle, The Netherlands) from 25 May to 20 August 2017.